Tom                Frans              Nico

The Blue Cats 1990 - 1992

Above in spring 1991their first live performance on a harmonica festival in Hoogvliet , Rotterdam, organized by Jan Mulleman of RMC

Here’s their second performance on the Dutch radio-broadcast of the N.C.R.V.  The interviewer is Ted de Braak, well known in those days of Television and Radio. After their first appearance on radio there were so many reactions that the N.C.R.V. asked them for a second time.

Nico van Grevenbroek: Melody  Frans Pauli: Chords  Tom Hayes: Bass Tom was the original bass player of the Multicats. In the early sixties they made two albums for Decca. Frans was chord man of the Hotcha Trio from 1962 till 1969. The trio had great plans, but unfortunately bass player Tom Hayes died on 31 december 1992.
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