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Nico and Aad both grew up listening to Hotcha and Harmonicats records in a family with heart for the instrument. In those days Aad started a group, with Nico's father Toon, and some other relatives. They played harmonica music that was characteristic for that time. In the early Sixties Aad plays as Bass player in The Rascal Trio with Nan Broersma (melody) and Wim Kamerman (chords), later on Jan Rigter. In 1970 Aad, Nico and Toon formed “The Family Trio.” Six years later Toon was replaced by Frans Pauli, a former member of the Hotcha’s (1962-1969), and the two cousins finally decided to split up in 1978.

Since then Aad played in “The Oldtimers,” “The Multicats,” and from 1996 until 2010 in his trio “Nameless.” Nico kept on playing with Pauli. During the early nineties they played in “The Blue Cats” with Tom Hayes, bass player of the original Multicats. The Multicats made some Philips records in the early 60’s. From 1996 till 2000 Nico joined “The Multicats” with Joop Winterberg and Freek Schenk, with whom he recorded the album “The Sound of the Harmonica.”

The Harmonica Music Factory

Now, many years later, Nico and Aad started to play together again, making analbum that takes them back to those old harmonica classics. The album, “Looking Back,” therefore includes some Hotcha and Harmonicats titles and some arrangements from the time Nico and Aad played in “The Family Trio.”

And in 2011 they have made their Second Album “Tea for Two” with titles they played in the early days  and some they have never played before. "I can't give you anything but love" and "Tea for Two" are based on arrangements  Joop Heijman wrote for the “Hotcha Harmonica School. "Somebody stole my gal" is an old Hotcha favorite and “Mambo Jambo” is known from the Harmonicats.  "Walky Porky" is a composition by Jan Vuik, member /arranger of the Hotcha Trio.  Aad and Nico played "El Condor Pasa" in their “Family Trio” time with the arrangement ideas of Aad,  who also played "Il nostro concerto" with his Rascal Trio in the early sixties. It was an idea of their melody player Nan Broersma. "Who do you think you're kidding Mr. Hitler", "Cavatina", "Yellow Ribbon", “It's been a long , long time" and "Johnny one note" are new for Aad and Nico. Nico was responseble for the arrangements.

In June 2014 appeared  their Third album, titled DREAM, with arrangements and compositions of Nico van Grevenbroek.Those are Exactly Like You, Just a Ragtime, Disco Nights, Botcha Me, Southern Nights, and Till Then. In Dream is the starting chord solo by Aad based on the cords of the American Trio HarmoniKings. Nico arranged a long swinging end to this tune. The arrangment by Nico of the Polka Dots and Moonbeams tune is based on the music of the Harmonicats  and the cords we got from the American cord player Wally Peterman. The starting tune That’s a Plenty was a Jan Vuik arrangement from the end of the fifties. He was also responsible for the old Hotcha tune Bambino Rag as composer and arranger, a brilliant tune in four different keys. Tender is the Night is a well known Harmonicats tune. I only have eyes for you is the jazzy tune that put Stagg McMann on tape in 1950. A really remarkable arrangment in those days of Tony Luigi.

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