The Harmonica Music Factory

01 That’s a Plenty

02 Dream

03 Bambino Rag

04 Just a Ragtime

05 Polka Dots and Moonbeams

06 Exactly like You

07 Disco Nights

08 Tender is the Night

09 Botch a Me

10 Southern Nights

11 Till Then

12 I only have Eyes for You

01 Who’s sorry Now

02 Rag of Rags

03 Cossack Patrol

04 Besame Mucho

05 I’m Nobody’s Sweatheart now

06 Meet Mr. Callaghan

07 Caravan

08 Heartaches

09 Hotcha’s Boogie

10 Tuxedo Junction

11 Zuiderzee Blues

12 Jezebel

01 Who do you think you’re kidding      Mr. Hitler

02 Walky Porky

03 El Condor Pasa

04 I can’t give You anything but      Love

05 Somebody stole my Gal

06 Cavatina (Dear Hunter)

07 Tie a yellow Ribbon

08 Mambo Jambo

09 Il nostro Concerto

10 Tea for Two

11 It’s been a long long Time

12 Da Capo


 The Harmonica



01 That's a Plenty.mp3 02 Dream.mp3 03 Bambino Rag.mp3 04 Just a Ragtime.mp3 05 Polka Dots and Moonbeams.mp3 06 Exactly like You.mp3 09 Botch a Me.mp3 10 Southern Nights.mp3 11 Till Then.mp3 stukje who's sorry now.mp3 stukje Besame Mucho.mp3 stukje I'm nobody's sweetheart now.mp3 stukje Meet Mr. Callaghan.mp3 stukje Caravan.mp3 stukje Tuxedo Junction.mp3 stukje Zuiderzee Blues .mp3 stukje Jezebel .mp3 Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler.mp3 Walky Porky.mp3 El condor pasa.mp3 I Can't give you.mp3 Somebody stole my gal.mp3 Cavatina.mp3 Tie a Yellow Ribbon.mp3 Mambo Jambo.mp3 Il nostro concerto.mp3 Tea for Two.mp3 It's been a long long time.mp3 13 Da Capo.mp3 New CD: Dream Their 1e CD:  Looking Back Their 2e CD:  Tea for Two

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CD Looking Back




CD Tea for Two




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12 I only hae Eyes for You.mp3